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So you like NFT’s

Display your business in the Metaverse

Take advantage of this amazing movement & sell tokens while promoting your business on all these highly visited Marketplaces

Metaverse Multi Pass

Genesis Card No. 000000

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Hello guys, my name is Oscar Gonzalez and I’ve been developing websites since 2010, I have 4 kids and not a lot of time to waste so first of all.

Let’s take care of the basics

Here are my social media profiles, I know researching in the Metaverse can be exhausting, I am a real person that’s been providing websites services for a while now…

Metaverse Multi Pass

Genesis Cards

So far what these cards can do are 3 things:

Each card will have an independent webpage

By owning this card you will have full right of a webpage that can include your NFT details & much more.

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Give you presence in the Metaverse

These are the first Cards that I make & so far you only have presence on the market place.

Seamless installation of Google Analytics G4

You will be able to track your visitors to the most minute detail with the latest technology.

but much like the Metaverse

The Options are Limitless

Wether you want to promote yourself, your work or something else, the Metaverse Multi Pass gives you exclusive editing access (we’ll do the work for you don’t wory ) to an isolated landing page that will be assigned to each Metaverse Multi Pass, at first it will have the details of you NFT, but you can add content to it…

Option 1

Original Content

Each NFT will be assigned an isolated landing page that iwll include the details of the NFT & can contain the details of the Collector, much like the example below:


Metaverse Multi Pass

Genesis Cards





Option 2

Add more Content

After the NFT details you can add more content either via an easy interface or we’ll do it for you, the content that you choose to place after it is your choice, but has to remain within legal content that wont get banned.

Remember, this space is yours so be creative, to give you an idea you could add your OpenSea collection right bellow it, like the example below:

Option 3

Burn the Metaverse Multi Pass

Here comes the Twist!

If you Burn the NFT of the Metaverse Multi Pass we’ll delete the associated landing page forever.

Is that it? Of course not.


Brand your NFT + Much More

What burning your NFT entitles you to:

  1. We will create a new Metaverse Multi Pass
  2. Replace the center image to one of your choosing
  3. A custom domain name*
  4. A fully developed website

Every NFT has a Meta Description that can’t be edited once it’s Minted, with the creation of a brand new NFT, we’ll be able to LINK your new NFT to your brand new website.

*The domain license is valid for 1 year, after that it has to be renewed, if the sale price of the domain name exceedes $100 USD per Year the client has to pay the difference.