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So you like NFT’s?

If you’re interested in launching a project, let me provide you with the right tools so you can succeed!


Hello guys, my name is Oscar Gonzalez and I’ve been developing websites since 2010.

Metaverse | Crypto collection

NFT Toolkit No. 001

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SitiosRocket Wed Development Agency

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NFT Toolkit

So far I can help you with the following:

The Art

From 1 of 1 pieces to a multi layer collection, I create the Art for you as I am an active artist in the Web3 community.

We can also Drop All your art directly to OpenSea

The Website

So far I haven’t been able to develop a website where you can mint your Art, but we can provide you with the entire project presentation website & we can add the ability to sell merch to your community or the world!

Your website will have the ability to charge crypto!


We can build your Discord and install the following bots:

* Collab.Land
* MEE6
* Dyno.gg
* Among others

Seamless installation of Google Analytics G4

You will be able to track your visitors to the most minute detail with the latest technology.

Much like the Metaverse

The Options are Limitless

Jump into WEB 3 and start a community that can change your life!