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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Domain?

We do that for you. Simply contact us through any of our communication channels, and we will process your request in no time!

Can I transfer a Domain I bought from another Registrar?

Yes! we can transfer your domain from most Registrars.

Do you guys work with Google products/srvices?

Yes. For instance, we make use of GSuite premium. You can manage all your email accounts using GSuite and not only have unlimited storage for your email, but you'll also have all the GSuite tools.

Note that Google fees apply per email account*


What if my project requires more pages than the ones mentioned in your Web Development Package?

That's something we can deal with. Ask for that in our video meeting interview, and we'll give you a custom quote.

If I already own a Website, can you manage it?

Ops. Though we can take over most websites, we rather develop your site from the ground up; that way, we can ensure the site's performance, safety, and overall design. Moreover, if we manage a website that has been built by someone else, we won't be able to use our tools.

Customer Testimonials

Royal Retreats Crash Pads

SitiosRocket has been amazing for my start-up business!

Their help in website design, setup, hosting, security, and SEO has helped me focus on my business, and allow true professionals to handle the website requirements!!

I am eons ahead of where I would be if it were not for the help of SITIOSROCKET 🤙

Nick Seaver, Combat Rescue Officer

Elite Homes Llc.

They saved and redesigned our website which was not only old but full of viruses. With excellent customer care, they explained each step and they have great prices. I highly recommend SITIOSROCKET.

We loooove them.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness & Value

Claudia Vela, Elite Homes Llc.