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Website Management

Keep your information protected, the information of your clients encrypted & your website super fast.

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As your partner, SITIOSROCKET provides your website with a 360º maintenance plan that helps your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience for any size of traffic.

Our custom management plan renders you an opportunity to keep your website between expert-gloves at all times. Each Managed Service Plan features regular backups and reports and prompt content and design updates to keep your website fresh and readily available.

Trust us with all the requisite routine tasks that will keep your system up and running, steadily improving your website on a daily basis.

Updates on Demand

Keep your pages up-to-date and refreshed with reliable on-demand content uploads. Get readily assisted with content updates, on-site double checks, and scrutiny.

Top Notch Security

Get the security services you need to protect your site. We help you avoid brute force hack attacks, malware injections, and more. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing their website is well cared for and secure.

Plug n' Play Agency

As a plug & play agency, we offer a wide array of solutions for other marketing agencies, so they can increase your traffic without you worrying about them messing anything up.

Scheduled Backups

There is no future without an updated archive. Get Backed-Up. SitiosRocket assists with disaster protection, recovering and restarting critical systems, Website files, data files, and databases. Our ongoing preventative maintenance is inclusive of a backup regimen that secures against hacks and facilitates recovery.


Take advantage of our expert perspectives and evaluations. Be sure to expect comprehensive feedbacks on routine maintenance and improvement. Keep series of records that track your business’s developmental milestone, with indicators like the percentage of your site’s uptime, all the updates, backups, and more!

Website Firewall

Bolstered web security with an application firewall for a stronger multi-layer security strategy. You simply get protected from third-party software bugs and zero-day vulnerabilities

Tech Support

24/7 premium technical assistance and consultations. We remain readily prompt to fix digital needs and emergencies with a bolt speed and pinpoint accuracy.

Scheduled Security Scans

Blocks malware attacks and fights other online threats with a routine security scan and coverage. Our security framework continually detects and blocks threats at all times.

Malware Removal

We will eliminate web viruses and other malware threats, we will also protect your website against future attacks. We ensure you remain protected against emerging and evolving threats.


Choose a stand-by plan that guarantees you uninterrupted access to web-based services. Our Website Monitoring puts a double eye on all website activity, performance, and function.


Evolve with digital trends and create a great business strategy for yourself. SitosRocket got all updates and upgrade to keep your internet performance and user experience above par. 

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with the best digital assistance.

43% of All Cybersecurity Attacks Involve Small &
Mid-Sized Businesses

Leave your Website Maintenance
in the hands of Professionals

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Website Management

    • Website Monitor & Updates
    • Database Monitor & Updates
    • Website Firewall
    • Malware Removal
    • Monthly Backups
    • Monthly Reports
    • Up to 3 Monthly Hours of Web Design


For Sales and
Customer Support

No matter the size of the website!

Maximum performance 

Our confidence resonates with the ample years of collaboration between our web designers, programmers, web marketers, and IT professionals. Managing your database-driven website can only get easier with our framework of influencing your site’s availability, performance, and function.


Updated Content

Style comes, and style goes. Today’s content is tomorrow’s archive. Give your customer a great impression that exceeds their expectation. A trendy website is virtually everything to achieve an increase in traffic and revenue. Premium Web management sets your business anew for increased turnover.